BIOCOACH shows you the way to a longer, healthier life. With our longevity lifestyle, it is possible to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy into old age! Our personalized, artificial intelligence-based longevity algorithm is your daily companion on the way to maximum healthspan. A higher quality of life right from the start with the BIOCOACH subscription: Freedom begins with health.

Longevity Lifestyle

Our longevity algorithm, developed with the help of artificial intelligence AI, enables our BIOCOACHES to provide holistic longevity lifestyle coaching: customized, individual health advice on fitness, nutrition, stress management & sleep.


Regular physical activity, almost regardless of its type and intensity, maximizes healthspan, strengthens the body’s own immune system, leads, among other things, to significantly longer telomeres and thus slows down the ageing process. cell aging and maximizes your healthy lifespan. Define your individual fitness program together with BIOCOACH!


Maximize caloric restriction, intermittent fasting and a nutrient-rich diet with a focus on plant sources and limited consumption of dairy, fish, meat and processed/refined foods the longevity. BIOCOACH shows you your optimal mix of CR (Caloric Restriction), TR (Time Restriction) and DR (Diet Restriction).


A healthy lifestyle leads to a longer life expectancy: factors such as good sleep, practiced optimism, healthy weight, non-smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and mental relaxation contribute to a significantly longer and healthier lifespan. The BIOCOACH supports you in optimizing your lifestyle with even more fun in life!


Is your biological clock running correctly? How old are you really – compared to your chronological age? Are you often tired and fatigued? Are you enjoying your life and libido? With our holistic diagnostics, we analyze the age of your organs, your hormonal balance and your microbiome. We create your epigenetic methylation profile and offer you a holistic assessment of your organism. Of course, we will help you to reduce your biological age through suitable interventions – our clinical diagnostics are a reliable scientific companion.

Rejuvenation is possible!

The age-related defects in the human organism that occur during cell division can be identified and reduced. BIOCOACH longevity recommendations based on extensive tests strengthen the human immune system, thus promoting self-healing powers, reducing biological age and maximizing healthspan – we stay young and healthy for longer thanks to lifestyle medicine.

Longevity Lifestyle
Test. Analyse. Recommend.

The BIOCOACH subscription starts with extensive health tests developed in research laboratories, followed by initial recommendations for interventions in the areas of lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. BIOCOACH experts combine the latest knowledge from longevity research with state-of-the-art AI-supported technology to provide personal advice and individual support for a longer, healthier life.


Longevity research

Research into the human ageing process is still in its early stages. BIOCOACH is developing a continuously improving longevity algorithm for individual, personalized health advice based on the latest scientific findings.


Maximum healthspan

Over 100 biomarkers are analyzed and incorporated into the calculation of biological age. The results optimize the longevity algorithm and lead to personalized longevity lifestyle recommendations to maximize the Healthspan, the healthy, active lifetime.


Continuous optimization

Continuous support from the BIOCOACH enables an optimal result: a noticeably improved, high quality of life now, and a long, healthy and active life in the future.

Biocoach subscription

Your companion to a longer, healthier life

We start with a detailed test protocol, followed by personalized recommendations for lifestyle, exercise and diet changes. Check-ups follow at the end of phase 1 to monitor success and refine the interventions. With increasing duration, the personal BIOCOACH can give better and better tips that ultimately lead to an optimized longevity lifestyle, exercise and nutritional behavior.

Test protocol

Together with our partner neotes, we have developed a test protocol with which we analyze and optimize the effects of our longevity recommendations. On the basis of the data collected and findings from current ageing research, we are developing an algorithm for the optimum longevity experience based on over 100 biomarkers.

Tests: Analog & Digital Biomarkers

Our epigenome, hormone and microbiome tests, as well as the observation and recording of activity and lifestyle data, give us a comprehensive picture of your current state of health.

Data-driven recommendations

Based on the test results, a longevity algorithm is developed that enables personalized, individual health advice with recommendations and interventions on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Lifelong support

People of all ages can rely on BIOCOACH as their constant companion and advisor on the path to maximum healthspan and thus to a fuller, longer, healthier life.

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