Health and longevity are a matter of trust. The BIOCOACH team is made up of an interdisciplinary team from the Munich-based companies Datarella (project: NOMIX) and neotes: Doctors, age researchers, nutrition and fitness experts, AI and software specialists are working together across disciplines to develop a longevity algorithm from data-based findings based on current age research that enables individual, personalized health recommendations. The BIOCOACH Longevity Lifestyle Team is represented by Dr. med. Irmi Huber and Michael Reuter.

Dr. med.
Irmi Huber

Managing Director neotes GmbH

Dr. Irmi Huber is not only a passionate doctor, but also an innovative entrepreneur who has been ensuring that innovative treatment methods are made available to us for more than a quarter of a century. Her extensive international experience and her very personal perspective have inspired her to focus intensively on longevity research.


Managing Director Datarella GmbH

Entrepreneur and longevity enthusiast Michael Reuter finds his personal work-life balance by using the software experience and AI expertise of his company Datarella to not only maximize his personal healthspan with NOMIX, but also to provide all health fans with the best possible longevity support with BIOCOACH.