BIOCOACH certificate


Are you a certified personal fitness trainer (A and B license) and want to expand both your trainer portfolio and your target group? Then training to become a BIOCOACH might be just the thing for you!

As a BIOCOACH, you advise your customers on all questions relating to longevity, i.e. what they should (and should not) do to live as long a healthy life as possible.

Longevity stands for a life of health, activity and joy into old age – without the usual signs of ageing and chronic illness. With the additional BIOCOACH qualification, you will be able to provide your clients with recommendations and interventions based on clinical diagnostics that slow down the ageing process of your clients and in some cases even stop it completely. Rejuvenation is possible – and as a BIOCOACH you can accompany your clients on this path to maximum healthspan.


With our holistic diagnostics, we analyze the age of the organs, hormonal balance and microbiome. We create your client’s epigenetic methylation profile and offer you a holistic assessment of her organism.
As a BIOCOACH, you reduce your client’s bioage on the basis of clinical diagnostics with the help of suitable interventions.


Regular physical activity, almost regardless of its type and intensity, maximizes healthspan, strengthens the body’s immune system, leads to significantly longer telomeres, slows down cell aging and maximizes your healthy lifespan. As a BIOCOACH, work with your client to define her individual exercise program and help her stay young!


Maximize calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, supplements and a nutrient-rich diet with a focus on plant sources and a few dairy products, fish, meat and processed or refined foods the longevity.
As a BIOCOACH, you create the optimal mix of CR (Calorie Restriction), TR (Time Restriction), DR (Diet Restriction) and supplementation for your client.


The body obeys the commands from the brain. There is often such a variety of interrelated but also completely independent thoughts in our brain.
As a BIOCOACH, support your client in
learning to control her thoughts, organize them and bundle them into purposeful action.


A healthy lifestyle leads to a longer life expectancy: factors such as proactive optimism, regular exercise, a healthy weight, non-smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and mental relaxation contribute to a significantly longer and healthier lifespan.
As a BIOCOACH, you support your client in optimizing her lifestyle.


Become your customer’s lifelong companion: Longevity is a lifelong optimization process. As an experienced PT, you know your customers and know how to deal with them.
As a BIOCOACH, you can offer even more consulting services: holistic longevity support based on clinical diagnostics for maximum healthspan!


By training to become a BIOCOACH in Munich and online, you can expand your portfolio as a personal trainer and appeal to a broader client group – potentially for life. Just like in your previous work, you support your customers in person, in the studio or at their homes. Now you can also be there for them by phone or online.

This flexible, hybrid coaching model gives you as a BIOCOACH maximum freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. You also benefit from a long and deep customer relationship.

Target group

Longevity is increasingly becoming a vital mainstream topic. As a BIOCOACH you can significantly expand your target group.

Customer loyalty

Based on the BIOCOACH subscription model, you accompany your customers to maximum healthspan over a long period of time.


Hybrid BIOCOACHING as a combination of in-person and virtual coaching gives you maximum flexibility in terms of time and location.