Financial retirement provision and longevity are inseparable

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Retirement provision is the term we usually use to describe the financial provision we make to secure our standard of living in retirement. Financial provision for old age includes various measures aimed at saving income or assets in order to be financially secure in old age.

From healthcare consumer to healthcare investor

BIOCOACH applies this financial concept to our health: we don’t just want to be financially secure in old age, we want to enjoy the best possible health – for as long as possible! Since we humans are much more familiar with the concept of financial retirement planning than making our health “age-proof”, BIOCOACH offers a 1:1 transfer: we show our users how they can apply individual aspects from the financial sector that have been proven to work to their health.

Let’s take a look at the key aspects of financial retirement provision and derive appropriate measures to maximize our longevity and healthspan – in other words, to live as long and healthy a life as possible:

Private Rentenversicherungen / Rentenfonds / Investmentfonds

Individuals make regular contributions over a certain period of time or invest part of their income in order to receive a lifelong pension or income in return at retirement age. The key point is the regularity of manageably high investments in the future. The compound interest effect ensures a significant increase in assets, far beyond individual investments.

Regelmässige Gesundheitsaktivitäten

The lifelong pension in our case is called longevity, or maximum healthspan: as long as we live, and for as long as possible, we want to stay healthy and active. Regular contributions can take very different forms – the important thing is that they are made regularly, started as early as possible and implemented consistently and continuously. The BIOCOACH subscription is such a health investment: with regular, manageable expenditure. Daily physical activity of all kinds, a well-thought-out diet and attention to various sensible lifestyle factors ensure a daily dose of health with a compound interest effect: as our body renews itself every day through cell division and the ageing process, including the ageing process, is a constant process. While various age-related signs of wear and tear are primarily due to errors in cell division, daily investment in longevity slows down the aging process and maximizes our healthspan.

Ein ausgewogenes Portfolio

Financial provision for old age is a combination of several measures to build up a balanced portfolio and protect against various risks. In addition to the pension insurance policies, pension funds and investment funds mentioned so far, this includes real estate, shares and other private savings and financial investments. We all have different expectations of the future and start from different situations.

Die Mischung macht's

It is the same with our health: our DNA, which is responsible for around 15-20% of our long-term health, makes us unique individuals. Therefore, one and the same health recipe does not apply to everyone – even if many a pseudo-scientific guide suggests this. Rather, each of us is entitled to an individual assessment of our health situation and corresponding recommendations on longevity and Healthspan. Starting with our BIOCOACH BC1 pilot phase , we are developing a longevity algorithm that will enable individual, personalized longevity recommendations. The longevity algorithm is modified during the BIOCOACH subscription in the same way that investment behavior within financial retirement provision should be adjusted over time: the longevity recommendations are dynamically adjusted depending on the biomarkers analyzed by regular diagnostics.

Unvorhergesehene Ausgaben 

Unexpected expenses can arise in old age, be it for medical treatment, the need for care or other emergencies. A solid retirement plan can help cover such costs without having to rely on support from family members or government assistance programs.

Unvorhergesehene Unfälle und Krankheiten

This is where the financial sector and our health are directly intertwined: the older we get, the weaker our immune system, our bone structure, our perception, etc. become. This regularly leads to accidents or illnesses that we could have easily avoided, remedied or cured when we were younger, but which develop into serious problems in old age. For people with weak muscles and bones, for example, minor falls can result in lengthy hospital stays and operations, which in turn further weaken their health. The same applies to our digestive system and our cardiovascular system – as we get older, we become weaker. Prevention is therefore the key: regular muscle training, a diet geared towards a healthy skeleton and endurance training are essential components of a good longevity plan: this makes unforeseen accidents or illnesses less of a threat.

From health authority consumer to health investor

Overall, adequate financial provision for retirement and a good longevity plan are therefore crucial to ensure financial security as well as longevity and maximum healthspan. If you envision a fulfilling, high quality life in retirement and are interested in a solid plan to maximize your healthspan and become a health investor instead of a health consumer, get on the waiting list for our BIOCOACH BC1 pilot!